Radio station 3AW invents interview with 360 live on-air because why the fuck not.

In other example of Australia continuing to churn out super high-quality jernalizms, 360 – real name is Matt Colwell –  took to Facebook this afternoon after hearing that 3AW’s Tom Elliot would be conducting a live on-air interview with him.

Except they weren’t actually conducting an interview with him.

You see, some tricky bugger managed to convince the station that he was actually Colwell, who made headlines recently after stating that he believed the Australian flag had become a symbol of racism on ABC program Q&A.

Colwell recorded the whole thing, starting by stating that:

I just got a call saying Tom Elliot from 3aw was about to interview me live about my comments on QandA.. This is the first I’d heard of it

You can catch the whole thing by clicking below and heading over to his Facebook page. It’s just as funny as it sounds:

3AW 360 radio interview

Because when all else fails, why not just make things up?

Elliott later took to Twitter following the interview:

Not sure if some poor intern was on fact-checking duty over at 3AW today, but yeah. Poor form.

How about we leave the interviews with high-profile musicians until it can actually be confirmed that things are actually, y’know, legit?


By the way we’re totally “interviewing” One Direction on BULLSH!T next week. You heard it here first.

Words by Harrison Cartwright

Feature Image:


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