SH!T WATCH: Images speak louder than words, Thought Catalog gets deep and a new clickbait trophy winner.

Yes, the rumours are true. SH!T WATCH is back after a brief hiatus. We’ve had a healthy rest. We’ve recharged those creative juices. We’re ready to get right back into it. So let’s click right to it:

Victoria made news this week after they passed a law which makes non-consensual sexting worthy of jail-time.  Now here at BULLSH!T we understand the hassle it is to try and find an adequate feature pic (story of our lives every Friday). But The Vine went to all new levels, pulling this one out: 



Collective sigh.

Speaking of questionable photo choices….



Congrats on the worst Photoshop ever 

The FIX – maybe they’re lacking content, maybe they’re just bored. Maybe they’re just super obsessed with nipples. Who knows.

the fix

We have a new addition to SH!T WATCH this week. Welcome to The Backlot.


Yes, because someone’s sexuality always determines what brand I’d love to buy.

Thought Catalog once again proves they are super meaningful and….deep.




Meanwhile, you won’t believe how many times new media sites made the EXACT SAME joke about Lindsay Lohan yesterday.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.12.04 pm Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.12.43 pm

(A lot. It was a lot).

The Melbourne Cup made headlines this week and not just for the big wins and drunk patrons. There was a whole (really upsetting) shitstorm regarding two of the horses having to be put down following injuries.

Lucky we had Mamamia on hand to bring us the race-related coverage that really mattered:



Um. Yeah.

Source: blogspot

Source: blogspot

We’ve saved the best until last this week, with the following headline, which managed to mislead in so many ways it was almost impressive:


And for that, they win this weeks Clickbait Trophy:

clickbaitHappy weekend!



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