The first full-length trailer for the new season of Girls is here.

When Hannah and the rest of the cast of Girls left us in Season 3, things were relatively normal. Or as normal as things can be for them.

Now things are getting real – even realer than they were before. Hannah is moving to Idaho to take part in a prestigious writing program, and Elijah has come a long for the College ride. Marnie is still trying that singing thing (O_o), with that guy who’s definitely not into the monogamy. Shoshana is facing the harsh reality of post-graduate employment, and Jessa is getting slapped in the face by Hannah and sassing everyone in a 5km radius. Oh, and she gets arrested to.

Enough spoilers. Click below to watch it, and get excited as us:

January 11th guys. Until then, keep dancing on your own.

girls season 4 trailer

Source: crushable



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