5 Minutes With: Julian Simonsz

Finding fame on The Voice, Julian Simonsz has been kicking musical goals since leaving the show. He’s released brand new single “I Do It For You” which has seen over 75, 000 views on the video in a short time amount of time. We had a chat to the solo singer about his time on The Voice and his upcoming EP.
Julian Simonsz interview
You appeared on The Voice in 2014. Can you tell us a bit about that experience? Would you change anything about your journey?

It was probably the best thing I’ve ever experienced as an artist and the best thing that has happened to me so far career wise. The whole thing was pretty surreal, especially the blind audition! I’d definitely make a few changes with the way the journey went. There’s always room to improve and it’s human nature to be self critical and look back and think what if I did something differently, especially being able to see it on television months later! Ultimately though I’m very happy with the result and it got me to where I am now, so I am just grateful with how it all turned out.

How did your life change after The Voice? Are you more easily recognised now?

Life has changed pretty dramatically after The Voice! It has given me that platform to be where I am now and has really given me a good start to my music career. If it wasn’t for The Voice I don’t think I would have already released a single and soon an EP. Coming off the show, the general public did notice me a lot, even still I’m surprised people can recognise me! I often have people come up and give me such nice feedback… it was really humbling and so heartwarming to hear how much they enjoyed my performances. That’s what I love about music, being able to have that effect on people.

Tell us a bit more about your new single ‘I Do It For You.’ What was the process behind it? Are you stoked with the reaction it’s got so far?

I was inspired to write a song for my wife, but I also wanted it to be a relatable song to the general public. It’s a song about appreciation, and how doing something in return for someone is a nice gesture. There are so many inspirational people who do so much for others so this was a way to celebrate them and give listeners a chance to say ‘I Do It For You’ to someone who deserves it. The reaction has been really exciting with the music video (which had some fans with inspirational stories featured in it) has now had over 50,000 views in 4 weeks! I have had such great feedback about the single from everyone, I’m so glad that it’s touching people the way I had hoped.

What’s planned for the rest of 2014 for you?

I have a busy few months coming up. I’m always out and about performing at various functions and events, especially with Christmas and the New Year coming up. But most exciting for me is that I will be releasing my EP in November. The release will be online on November 21st and the launch show will be on November 23rd at Northcote Social Club where I will be performing the full EP and a few of my favourite covers with a band for the first time, I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve also just locked in some dates to jump back in the studio with MSquared again which I’m really looking forward to.

If you could pick one band or artist to sing a duet with, who would it be? 

If I could perform with any band it would definitely be The Script. I have always been on the stage solo, but I like the idea of singing with a band and working together. I’ve been a massive fan of The Script for many years and I have seen them live a few times and they are just amazing. They are really incredible song writers too, so being able to collaborate with them would be a dream.
You can like Julian on Facebook here.

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