Coyote Tuesdays is Australia’s new worst/best reality show

Australia and reality TV shows don’t always work well together. Remember the goddamn monstrosity that was The Shire? Or when Lara Bingle thought she could go all Kim Kardash and tried her hand at having cameras following her around, only to realise people just didn’t give a fuck?

Well it looks like some producers are really taking the motto of ‘Never give up’ seriously, with a new reality show based on the lives of six Australian twenty-somethings coming to a screen near you soon.

Yep, that’s right. While the majority of us are cool with going out drinking and not being filmed, the new reality show – titled Coyote Tuesdays – is set to air the dirty laundry of three young men, and three young women, in hope that the Australian public would care.

coyote tuesdays reality show

The trailer for the show has appeared, and it already depicts the makings of a classic reality TV hit. There’s bad dancing, heavy drinking and drama galore.

coyote tuesdays reality show

Out at da club like


One rocket scientist even deduces as some stage that one of the girls is mad at him because he lied to her. So we’re already one step ahead in smarts compared to Geordie Shore there.

Watch at your own risk.



Words by Tahlia Pritchard.




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