British TV star mistakes Ebola virus for a band

Amy Childs, former star of popular British reality TV show The Only Way Is Essex, has made the incredible misjudgement of thinking that the deadly Ebola virus is actually an up and coming band. Childs blundered her way through a red carpet interview at the UK MOBO Awards, and when asked if enough had been done to prevent the spread of Ebola, Childs responded with a confused “What?”

The interviewer then asked, “You know ebola is going to be huge, don’t you?” to which she enthusiastically replied “I might be a big fan after tonight… I think it will be absolutely amazing.”

Uh, oops…?

Whilst we don’t really understand why the interviewer was asking a minor celebrity such a loaded question, you’ve gotta wonder how someone could be so completely unaware. Ebola is an issue that has had worldwide media coverage, divided politicians and health workers, and is actually considered a crisis by the United Nations. In fact, only yesterday did the chief UN emergency response mission, Anthony Banbury, say that their number one priority is stopping the spread of ebola as fast as possible.

According to the World Health Organisation, the Ebola virus has now claimed close to 5000 lives in total, and has potentially spread overseas, with cases and deaths reported in the US and some European countries.

I’m not usually one to use cliched phrases but…Amy Childs, have you been living under a rock or something?

Oh, to be blissfully ignorant of the suffering of others in those far, far away lands…

Words by Madeleine Er

Feature Image: Tumblr


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