NSW to recognise marital status of same-sex couples married overseas

The push for marriage equality in Australia has regained momentum, with the NSW government agreeing to support a bill that would see same-sex couples who married overseas to have their marital status recognised by the state, as reported by SameSame and Star Observer.

The Relationships Register Amendment (Recognition of Same-sex and Gender-Diverse Relationships) Bill 2014, introduced to the state government by the independent MP Alex Greenwich, will take effect immediately.

Greenwich, a LGBTI rights activist and former National Convenor for Australian Marriage Equality, says the bill “will now ensure same-sex marriages conducted overseas will receive a level of protection and recognition in NSW”.

This change acknowledges that a growing number of NSW citizens must travel overseas to marry the person they love, while waiting for the Federal Government to legislate for marriage equality.

“The inaction of federal governments, past and present, on marriage equality remains an embarrassing blight on our nation’s reputation for fairness, freedom and equality.”

The NSW Relationship Registrar website has been updated to reflect the new amendments, with a new subtitle appearing online with a brief description: ‘You are eligible to register your relationship in NSW if you have been married overseas in a same sex marriage’.

NSW was one of the first states to recognise same-sex couples with its Property (Relationships) Legislation Amendment Act in 1999, and has since led the charge in the battle for LGBTI rights under the law.

The updated NSW Registered Relationship form can be found here.

Words by Kemal Atlay
Feature Image: Tumblr


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