Beards and beard lovers unite through Bristlr

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking.

If you’re a big fan of fantastic facial follicles, or are sporting some that you want to share with the wider Internet community, well now you can. There’s an app for that. Of course there’s an app for that.

Bristlr is the latest app in connecting like-minded folk through the internet, and it’s all about matching up beards with beard enthusiasts and adorers. Is there a more perfect article for me to write? I think not.

bristlr beard app

I’ll take one Posey, thanks.   Source:

Imagine, you’re bored at home and daydreaming about scratching the wiry chin pubes of a handsome human, and you’re pining for that chance to make connection with someone who has the most perfect face-bush.You want your own Chris John Millington, or Ricki Fuckin’ Hall, or Anthony Bogdan. How on earth are you going to find that without randomly approaching a bearded beauty in the local supermarket and looking plain creepy?

Enter, Bristlr. You’re now able to connect with beards from all over the place, talk face hair facts, grooming techniques and everything under the bearded sun about facial hair. Could you be any more in love with the Internet? I didn’t think so.

At the moment, Bristlr is in beta mode, so you’re able to sign up online or download the app to your phone and get sorting through the brushes of bristles until you find the perfect face-shrubbery.

Like Tinder, if you match, you chat. Maybe you’ll meet up? Maybe you’ll become bushy besties for life. Who knows.

All I can say is, bless the Internet.

Our beard-filled gallery below shows off some of the fuzzy-face friends you could meet. But probably not on Bristlr, because these men are models. But we can hope, right?

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Feature image: Bristlr


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