Beyonce releases video for 7/11, breaks Internet.

Not one to follow the rules when it comes to promoting…anything, really, Beyonce has gone and done it again. This time, with her seemingly self-made video for ‘7/11’, which is going to be on the platinum release of her album, Beyonce.

Now, I’m not a huge Bey fan – but this video really caught me. It’s Beyonce as we don’t often see her; in her undies, on her balcony, in the bedroom and the bathroom, dancing in front of a camera like we all know we’ve done hundreds of times before.

Some may say it’s the ultimate selfie. Perhaps we’ve reached peak Queen ‘Yonce. I’m not too sure. But it’s great to see an artist of Beyonce’s calibre able to have fun and essentially make home videos with her girls, unpolished, a little edited and full of laughs.

They have some drinks, they dance around, they make a human pyramid. We can see Blue Ivy’s toys strewn across the bedroom, and Beyonce’s enviable makeup collection in the bathroom.

What makes this clip one of the best I’ve seen all week? It’s real. It’s a worldwide celebrity showing the world how she lives and that she’s just as untidy as the rest of us. I’m sure the internet will go through it with a fine-toothed comb and pick out her dirty clothes on the floor, or how Blue Ivy’s just chilling out on the bed, or that Beyonce’s already got her Christmas tree up (excuse me it’s not even December HOW DARE YOU) because that’s the kind of place the internet is.

But, the Internet also delivers. Convenience store kings, 7/11 have tweeted Beyonce, and made a brilliant surfbort/slurpbort meme.


Kudos to you, Beyonce. I know I don’t look that fantastic in a sweatshirt and bed socks.


Feature Image: Tumblr


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