Rupert Murdoch thinks all Egyptians are white. Like. For real.

In today’s edition of Old Dudes Say the Darndest Things, News Corp Chairman and media giant Rupert Murodch has come under fire for causing mischief on social media.

As a bit of background, there’s a new film coming out soon about Ancient Egypt & Moses. As Hollywood tends to do with anything regarding history, there’s a little white-washing going on.

Murdoch saw all this chatter, and in an, um, attempt to stand up for the underdog, he sent the following tweet out to his 534k followers:

Once the backlash started rolling in, old mate Murdoch attempted to rapidly dig his way out of the idiotic hole he’d bulldozed his way into, which, lol: Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 1.29.32 pm Once you’ve managed to contain your laughter at the ridiculousness of the above, feel free to scroll through a wonderful collection of Twitter uses promptly calling old Rupey out for being a bit of a dumbfuck.


Nothing like the sheer stupidity of media moguls to make your day that little bit sunnier. I’m off to go see if I can unearth my old Ancient History HSC notes to fax over to poor Rupert.

Happy Saturday!


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