The six conversations Beyonce, Jay Z, Prince William and Duchess Catherine probably, definitely had.

Going viral today was a photo of Royalty, Prince William and Duchess Catherine having a good old chat to the other Royals – that being Beyonce and Jay-Z.





Social media may have gone nuts, but here at BULLSH!T we got the inside scoop to what the foursome really talked about.

Probably. Maybe.


Conversation topic #1: The inevitable arranged marriage of Prince George and Blue Ivy

Well duh. It seems only natural the heir to the throne is betrothed to the (other) Queen’s daughter. You can almost picture the delicious chubby cheeks of Will, Kate, Bey and Jay’s grandchildren already.

Conversation topic #2: Who has the better couple name? Bey-Z or WillKat

You can see the smiles on their faces as they chat so they’ve probably hit it off already. They’re already up to that teasing banter stage in their short-lived friendship. We think Bey-Z may have won this playful argument though. You don’t get much cooler than that.

Conversation topic #3: Discussing how the monarchy can utilise hip hop to become cool again

When you’re looking to up your cool factor, you may as well speak to the pros about it. Overheard ideas that were thrown around included dressing the Queen up in a do-rag, and perhaps teaching her to rap her next big speech, with Charles and Wills beat-boxing in the background.

Conversation topic #4: Jay Z giving Will tips on how to go bald gracefully

While women have it easy and are never judged for their appearance (lol sike), the glaring spotlight on Will’s receding hairline is obvious. It’s obvious because light shines of his balding dome that is. Jay Z also sports no hair. No doubt he was offering William some words of comfort in this very trying time.

Conversation topic #5: Thoughts on the How I Met Your Mother finale?

Not good. Not good at all.

Conversation topic #6: Whether Tony Abbott really is a good Prime Minister

C’mon, we all knew how that conversation was going to end.



Feature image: @SkyNews
Article by Tahlia Pritchard, Harrison Cartwright and Vincent Varney. 


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