Subject to Change: the Australian TV drama about same-sex attracted teenagers.

Let’s be real: LGBT representation on home-grown TV isn’t exactly stellar. Sure, we’ve made some pretty big leaps in recent years, with shows like Neighbours and House Husbands leading the way, but when you consider the issue amongst a wider context, there’s a long way to go.

Subject to Change is an Aussie TV drama currently in development that is seeking to change that. As the shows website states:

Through its coming-of-age narrative, Subject to Change will confront the harsh difficulties faced in suburban Australia by following these young adults as they deal with their complex and conflicting emotions. It will be a rocky road to love and inclusion through their final years of high school.

The series, which has been independently developed and produced, has recently wrapped shooting on its pilot episode, with hopes it will hit the festival circuit next year and attract the funding to produce a full series.

You can check out the trailer below:

It’d be easy to brush this off as the latest in a long line of generic teen dramas, rehashing the same storylines for the umpteenth time – but that would be ignoring how significant a step the success of such a show would be when tracing Australia’s history of LGBT acceptance.

As someone who did the whole closeted high-school student thing as a teenager, this is a story that needs to be told – and it needs to be told to the masses.

Getting something like this on-screen for a large audience would go a very long way towards helping end sexuality-based discrimination; it would help show that surviving adolescence, while already rough to begin with, becomes an even rockier sea to navigate through when questions of sexuality come into play as well.

Gay-themed television dramas have been around for a long time now – but coming of age ones that target the audience who need to see it most have been suspiciously absent from our screens. Sure, shows aren’t afraid of exploring these stories through single character and side plots – but the idea of launching a drama that explores youth-sexuality across an entire ensemble has yet to be seen anywhere. There’s a very real opportunity for Australia to lead the pack here; to reinvent the wheel of gay narrative and to make a real difference.

That’s why this is something that matters – because it’s time that these stories were told. It’s time they got the spotlight they deserve.

You can follow the project’s progress on Facebook and Twitter.  

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