Cartoonists respond to attack on Charlie Hebdo

Overnight, a terrorist attack took place in Paris. Masked men wielding automatic weapons stormed the offices of the French satirical weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdoshot dead 12 people and injured another 11.

Of those killed, eight were journalists at the newspaper – four of whom were cartoonists – one was a receptionist, one was a visitor, and two were police officers who were the first to arrive at the scene.

A mass manhunt for the perpetrators is currently underway, and French President François Hollande has declared a national day of mourning.

Charlie Hebdo has attracted many terrorist threats in the past for their fearless and controversial cartoons poking fun at right-wing and religious extremists. In 2011, its offices were firebombed after it published a cartoon of the Muslim prophet Muhammed on its front page (check out this piece by Vox for a more comprehensive history of the publication).

As the situation continues to unfold, and we acknowledge the efforts of news outlets to report the latest, we would like to share the responses of cartoonists from all over the world to this tragic event.



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