There’s a new crowdfunding campaign for suicide-prevention amongst LGBTI Indigenous Australians.

Crowdfunding has been used for basically everything – from reviving cult TV drama’s to making potato salad – but every so often, a campaign comes along with something very significant to say.

The Black Rainbow Living Well Foundation is an organisation that aims to provide crucial support to Indigenous LGBTI Australians. If successful in reaching its crowdfunded goal, it hopes to implement a several-stage action plan – with more details of which can be found here.

It’s no secret that suicide rates amongst LGBTI people are much higher than their heterosexual counterparts, as are they higher for Indigenous people. As the campaign’s website notes:

Quite tragically, as you are reading these first few words there is a high probability somebody will attempt to end their life by suicide. There is even a higher probability that that somebody is part of the LGBTI community, particularly if they are at the point of self-realisation and disclosure. If that person is an Indigenous Australian, the probability amplifies yet again.

I believe the words “really fucking important” are particularly pertinent here. It’s 2015 and this project is unfortunately the first of its kind.

These are things we have to talk about. It’s time that a national dialogue about something as crucial as this was taken to the public sphere.

The campaign has already garnered a significant amount of interest on social media – as it rightfully should:

The project has already raised over $1,000 of the $100,000 goal, with 33 days remaining to pledge.


 Feature Image: The Black Rainbow Living Well Foundation


What are your thoughts?

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