Happiness isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be.

It’s the simplest resolution; to be more like the best of you. Somewhere in our youth we can lose a little shine. We don’t know when or why or how, but we don’t feel like ourselves. It’s difficult to replace the gap of something you lost when you don’t remember what it felt like to fill it.

When we were younger, we shared a naive belief that we could do anything. In fact, it was an assumption. We had never been told that failure doesn’t mean inadequacy. At what point did it become so scary to believe in yourself? When did we suddenly start letting the little knocks get us down? When did we stop floating in our dreams and use them to drown ourselves?

They say that the way people make you feel is what counts. How someone makes you feel says a lot about that person, but it also says a lot about you for surrounding yourself with people that make you feel a certain way.

Life has become toxic when being enriched surprises you. When feeling fulfilled sneaks up behind you and washes over you like a cool ocean wave. And when that wave creeps back to sea, as the tides insist, we can be quick to forget what the cool water feels like and settle for the damp feeling of the sand.

achieving happiness

Source: Chris Sardegna

Happiness is not as complicated as we make it out to be. People aren’t two dimensional, even if that would make them easier to understand. No one person will make you feel sad all the time. But some people do make us feel happy most of the time.

Some relationships are like the cruel, slow and sly effects of swallowing arsenic. By the time you realise how sick you are, your insides have already begun to erode. We spend so much time focusing on how we can improve, but sometimes we allow ourselves to be poisoned.

When we don’t get what we want, somewhere along the way we begin to believe it is because we haven’t earned it.

A general feeling of being unwell is not usually caused by one bad decision. There may be a few aspects of your life that just aren’t sitting quite right. And it is a series of actions that caused you to feel a certain way. One simple action or inaction also won’t be a miraculous cure. It takes time to slowly drag the poison from our veins.

Healing can be such a slow process when you’ve allowed the negative whispers to echo long after they’ve been uttered. The negativity lingers and you can’t remember the last time you felt truly proud of yourself. You may feel happy often, but pride is an emotion that overflows from our veins and causes us to glow from the inside out. When we stop allowing ourselves to be proud of how far we have come, we become lacklustre.

Often we are so hard on ourselves that we forget how other people see us. People are proud. When they actually tell us they are proud, sometimes we let the words roll off our bodies. But someone is proud of you. As we grow older, we only begin to associate ourselves with people we think the world of. People we adore.

We love the people we choose to keep in our lives because they are what they want to see in the world. It’s not like playing ping pong against a wall.

So why are we afraid to consider that the people in our lives might also think of us so kindly?

Feature Image: Lee Scott


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