Bruce Jenner’s transition is a chance to re-examine the transgender narrative.

I didn’t know who Bruce Jenner was until a few months ago. I mean, I’d heard the name and I vaguely knew that he had some connection to that Kardashian show, but that’s about the extent of it.

Then his name started popping up. A lot. He’s allegedly in the process of making the transition from male-to-female. There still hasn’t been any official announcement made by the one person entitled to announce such; but that hasn’t stopped the tidal wave of media coverage regarding the story.

Let’s take a look at the search results that pop up when you type ‘Bruce Jenner’ into Google:

bruce jenner transition

There’s a larger discussion that needs to be had here – namely, why does the media – and by extension the general public – feel so entitled to go behind the scenes of such an intensely personal thing?

If, as speculated, there’s a documentary series in development, more power to Jenner for making this decision. It might just be the most responsible piece of media to emerge from the Kardashian franchise since it began.

In the mean time, let’s give them some peace and let them speak when they are ready. Let’s stop obsessively speculating. The more headlines that are run, the more chatter that’s happening – it’s only going to make it harder. Not just for Jenner, but for the countless others out there who are navigating similar minefields.

It’s barely been a month since Leelah Alcorn ended her life. That’s the shit that’s going to keep happening if the media continues to keep trying to turn matters like someone realigning their gender into something of a freak show.

It is 2015. If someone makes the decision to transition, they’re not doing so for funsies. They’re doing it because living life with such an enormous part of you feeling misaligned is an intense mental struggle. We have absolutely no right to make light of situations like these or to be making jokes at their expense.

When I think back to those early days I was first trying to navigate my own sexuality, I can remember feeling so lost, alone and scared. To be doing that, but with something as fundamental as gender would have been infinitely more frightening.

It’s time we all start taking a bit more responsibility on matters like these. Let’s pay these brave individuals the respect they deserve.

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