Friendlyjordies: Making sense of politics through sharp comedy

Probably the most underrated young political/online comedian of the last few years is a man known as Friendlyjordies. Actually, you may have seen that one video of his, commentating on the types of people you’re bound to see at Stereosonic/Future Music/Field Day/any other summer festival. But don’t think for a second that his genius only reaches as far as passing comment on the drug-munching youths that flock together to punch the sky and bang their heads to EDM; he’s also got a massive back catalogue of smart, informed and witty shots fired at Australian politics and culture. Oh and he’s a fucking model, but that’s neither here nor there.

The soul behind the one-man show is Jordan Shanks – a Sydney local and periodical writer for SBS Comedy. Shanks has developed a cult-like following on his Youtube account, where he uploads short videos discussing and dissecting the current political climate and discussions in Australia. The great thing about his videos, however, is that they are presented with such quick wit and humour that he makes the driest conversations and policies as juicy as a rare steak (or a super-ripe peach, if that’s more your vibe).

Each video is maxed out at around the ten-minute mark, making them easy to digest and short enough to maintain attention of the kids, but go into enough depth that you typically come out the other side informed and enraged at what’s happening in our country.

Filed under ‘infotainment’ on his Youtube page, Friendlyjordies brings a no-holds-barred approach to the discussion of politics, policy, and culture, with solid information and research behind every video. He plays just about every character – from concerned middle-class-and-white mother, to ignorant bogan from Queensland/NSW/anywhere, right down to Tony Abbott in boxing gloves and Greg Hunt wearing 3D glasses with the lenses popped out.


Oh, and he’s got a whole series of ‘Shit We All’ videos and they’re fantastic.

Don’t lie, you thought that’s how Hermione was pronounced, too.


Feature image: Facebook


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