This Tony Abbott interview on the 7:30 report is peak fuckwit

Although it came pretty close to it, the LibSpill didn’t end up being a thing today. That said, nearly 40% of Tony Abbott’s own party seemed keen on turfing him out ala Fran Fine in the pilot episode of The Nanny. That’s not a small percentage by any sense of the word.

You’d think, perhaps,  surviving such a narrow firing would be a humbling moment in any politicians life.

Well, Tony Abbott fronted up an for an interview with Leigh Sales on the 7:30 report, and demonstrated that yep, he’s still hellbent on being so comically foolish that it genuinely begs the question of how he manages to put his own socks on each morning.

He rattles off the usual mantra of stopping boats / sound economic-and-environment policy etc, and then he goes on to this plain bizzare rant about how…he’s the king of the castle, I guess? Or, in his own manner of speaking:

“I beat Kevin Rudd, I beat Julia Gillard and I can beat Bill Shorten”.

No, not the tauntings of that one fuckwit in Year 6 who thought he was king shit at handball. Those were actual words that came from our elected leader’s mouth.

The true value of this interview is in Leigh Sales, ABC reporter and genuine good egg, who seem pretty hellbent on taking Tony to task for his various (and numerous) shoddy practices over his time in government. It reaches a decidedly satisfying crescendo when Sales, in all earnest, asks “Prime Minister, you said “Good Governance starts today.” What on Earth have you been doing since you’ve been elected?”

Abbott’s testacles proceed to retreat inside himself. He stammers something nonsensical and the world keeps turning.

You can watch the full interview below:

Sure is a good thing that the adults are in charge now, right?

Feature image: ABC News Australia


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