Ever wonder what Power Rangers would look like as a Michael Bay film?

Hitting the internet today is a short film that reimagines childhood fave Power Rangers as an ultra-gritty, super-dark action-flick. It could be a comment on Hollywood’s almost fanatic obsession with rebooting everything in site. It could just be a passion project. Either way, it manages to fit more production values into 11 minutes than the entire show managed in 2.5 decades and counting.

Simply titled Power/Rangers, the short’s got James Van Der Beek with a robotic leg, machetes and cocaine. So, basically anything anyone needs for a good time. The plot sketches the titular rangers as unwilling participants in a fight for humanity, casting the action against a dystopic society

How this came to be is totally beyond me, but whatever. It’s pretty fucking badass.

The film, directed by Joseph Kahn, has already garnered close to 5 million views. Check it out below, and kiss those innocent memories of childhood goodbye.

Interestingly enough, a ~gritty reboot~ is due to hit the silver screen come 2016. The bar has certainly been set high.

Feature Image: YouTube.com


What are your thoughts?

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