Fred Nile wants the drinking age upped; is still the absolute worst.

Bad news, everyone: The bigoted Grandpa of Australian politics is at it again.

If a report by Fairfax is to be believed, NSW MP Fred Nile has today indicated that he will push to raise the legal drinking age to 21.

Nile is also apparently keen on reviving Zoe’s Law, which would seek to give legal personhood status to unborn children.

While the bill stalled in the Senate last year, if passed through would mostly like lead to restrictions on abortions in the state of NSW. Which is worrying to a pretty large degree.

As a friendly reminder of the sort of quality of human Fred Nile is, this is the dude who recently criticized victims of the Sydney Siege for being cowardly, claiming that “the only real man inside that cafe was the one with the gun”. He’s also the one responsible for putting this gem out as Mardi Gras celebrations were getting underway:


Those two choice comments are only reaching back through the past few months. There’d be a whole article to write on his various hideously offensive comments made over the years, but they – the guy makes me violently ill, so moving on.

He’s set to hold the balance of power in the Upper House, by the way. So people are going to have to keep him happy if they want any change of passing legislation.

Happy Monday!

Feature Image: YouTube / ABC

Story via Fairfax


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