WATCH: These Bankstown school boys have written a rap about ending domestic violence.

In a time when the world seems to be increasingly intent on depressing the crap out of us, it’s thing like the below that serve as a warm remind that the world is not in fact doomed. That there is hope out there that the next generation know he difference between right and wrong much more competently than a massive chunk of the current crop.

Titled “We All Say No”, the clip is a collaborative effort from the Year 5 boys of Bankstown Public School, and it comes with a pretty clear message: that domestic violence in any way, shape or form is not on. That the women in our lives should be treated with respect. That nobody should suffer in silence.

The song, and subsequent video were produced by the Bankstown Youth Development Service, who ran a series of workshops with the boys.

To see such a groundswell movement to raise awareness on something that, to this day, remains an enormous problem is a hugely positive thing. Massive round of applause for these kids. They’ve completely nailed it.

Feature Image: BYDS / YouTube

Story via BuzzFeed


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