NEW IN MUSIC: Panic! At the Disco are back. As are Birds of Tokyo. Annnd Art Vs Science.

It’s Monday, which isn’t ideal. Luckily there are some rad new tunes from some rad acts to make up for dem start of the week blues.

Birds of Tokyo haven’t really been seen (or heard) much for the past few years. They had a string of moderately successful hits, with the likes of ‘Wild at Heart’, ‘Plans’ et al – and now they’re back, with a new EP set to drop this Friday. The first of the new tracks is titled ‘Anchor’ and it’s a pretty big departure from all that’s come before:

The dudes will be taking off on a national tour in May. Tour dates here.  Get amongst it.

The anthem-writers  of my late-adolescence, Panic! At The Disco, also made their comeback today. They dropped a new track, titled ‘Hallelujah’, care of their Tumblr, with a cute lil message attached that you can read here.

Alternately, you can give the song a listen. It’s catchy as fuck.

Thumbs up, mates.

FINALLY – Aussie kewl kids Art Vs Science have released a new song. It’s called ‘In This Together’, and currently has 782 hits on YouTube so let’s do them a solid:

The band has announced that they’re heading in to record a new album. Very exciting.

 FEATURE IMAGE: Panic at the Disco, c/ of YouTube.



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