The Project’s Waleed Aly just issued a powerful call to arms to end domestic violence.

Chances are if you’re reading this, Joe Hockey has just delivered the latest budget. All #auspol inspired jokes and memes aside, there are some very vulnerable sectors of society that have missed out.

Earlier this evening on Network 10, the Project’s Waleed Aly issued a powerful call to arms to end domestic violence. In doing so, he highlighted the unfortunate fact that domestic violence sufferers are one group that are continuing to miss out on the funding they so desperately need.

As Aly notes:

“I’d like to put my hand up on behalf of a group of Australians who might be unable to, or are too afraid to. Or when they do ask for help, they’re too often turned away. I’m talking about Australian women, who are regularly beaten, abused and killed by Australian men, usually their partners.”

To break down the specific figures, last year over 18,000 people tried to call domestic violence hotline, 1800 RESPECT. And they missed out due to lack of funding. That’s 18,000 lives people who couldn’t access assistance at the time they needed it at most.

That’s not acceptable.

Network 10

Network 10

As Aly points out, the hotline requires $2.8 million in assistance to provide – and it’s not coming any time soon, if the recent budget announcement is anything to go by.

You can check out the full segment below:

Big fucking round of applause due here for some very important words.

Domestic violence is an unfathomably large problem in this country. To deny that would be akin to deny that the color of the sky is in fact blue. The Government should be doing everything in their power to provide assistance and aid to those who need it. They’re not. And that needs to change.

That needs to change.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, you can ring the Domestic Violence Line for help on 1800 656 463.



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