The Stiffys have parodied Literally I Can’t and it’s fantastic.

I’m sure you’ve all seen, or been a part of, the uproar this week following Redfoo‘s incredibly tasteful and delightful tune ‘Literally I Can’t’. Oh, the sarcasm is strong in this one.

If you somehow managed to miss it because you were too distracted by all the other things going on this week, Redfoo released a song where he, along with Lil Jon, Enertia McFly and Play-N-Skillz, are basically verbally assaulting a group of women who were not willing to ‘get fucked up’ at their make-believe frat party.

Wait a second, isn’t Redfoo 39? Isn’t he a little old to be in a fraternity? I am so confused.

The Stiffys Literally I Can't parody

Source: Tumblr

Anyway, in the clip, as the bass drops – I guess you could call it – one or two women from the group essentially get picked off and are swayed into drinking shots, dancing, and wrestling in blow-up pools while the guys have RedTube open on their phones, and are incessantly telling the women to ‘shut the fuck up’ because, y’know, a woman’s worth is not from what comes out of her mouth, right?

But, what I am gleefully watching happen today, is an Australian band called The Stiffys show off their great talents and parodying Redfoo’s massively sexist pile of grot with an art-rock rendition of ‘Literally I Can’t’.


The Stiffys, who are Jason Leigh and Adam Stagg from Melbourne, have taken Redfoo’s piss-poor ‘contribution’ to the music scene and turned it into a positive song about taking care of other people when they’re drunk, making sure they’re consenting to everything that they’re doing and just generally having a good time when out on the turps.

The band are the kind of guys who talk in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME and have a special bond with spumante kings, Passion Pop.

Also, I can’t get over their outfits. Art rock astronauts.

Literally, I can’t.


Feature Image: The Stiffys Facebook


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